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LKmetz Services provides full charge bookkeeping services for your small business, specializing in real estate and law firm bookkeeping.

We handle the finances of your business, which offers you the precious time and energy to concentrate on other aspects of your business and personal life.

Our speed and accuracy level is top-notch. Our services take 1/2 the time of other bookkeepers, which can potentially save you money.

CPAs are EXTREMELY PLEASED with our bookkeeping services.

Services include:
Accounts payable: entering bills, checks and processing payments.

Accounts receivable: creating customer invoices, entering received payments and deposits.

Bank accounts: entering all debits and credits and reconciling the account to the bank statement.

Credit card accounts: entering all purchases and payments and reconciling the account to the credit card statement.

Journal entries: entering any adjusting or correcting journal entries.

Reports: income statement, balance sheet, accounts receivable, trial balance, general ledger, etc.

Payroll services available as well.

We use Quickbooks desktop and online versions. You don't need to have QuickBooks to use our services. We can provide any reports on a regular basis to give you a complete financial view of your business and supply your CPA with the file for tax preparation.

Please contact us for our rate.

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